Dutch Business Cyprus (DBC)

In a number of countries Dutch Business Clubs have been created on the initiative of local representatives of Dutch trade and industry and/or the local Dutch Association.

These Meetings consist of Dutch entrepreneurs and business people who regularly meet for lunch in order to further relations and contacts and exchange experience and knowledge of the foreign business community.
A company or institution is generally represented by one person, preferably the highest ranking employee.
Members may introduce new candidates.
Members may invite guests upon approval of the chairman.

Over the past years we have seen the arrival in Cyprus of an increasing number of Dutch companies staffed with talented and ambitious young people and we therefore believe that the Dutch- business community on the island is ready for its own Business Round Table.

Last DBC - meeting
20 th September 2013 11.00hr
Vasiliko Cyprus
Limassol, Cyprus
e-mail : chairman@nvc.com.cy
mobile: +357 99831607

Dutch Business Lunches:
for all those involved in business with The Netherlands.
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Dutch Association Cyprus